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What Good Should I Do?

Giving leads to receiving.  Helping others in not only a mood booster, but can make you feel more secure and in control of your own life. Volunteering for a non-profit, reaching out to the sick and shut in, holding the door for a stranger, or simply offering a friendly smile are great examples of how you can do good.

People will remember how you make them feel even if it’s years later. I was waiting for the bus one morning, a woman walked by and said good morning and I said good morning. She stopped and said thank you so much.  At first I didn’t recall how we met, but it came to me quickly. She said “you helped me so much”, held her heart and said thank you.  We met at a nail salon two years ago near my place and she just began to talk to me and shared that she had just lost her job after many years with the same company.  I recall sharing that I had been in the same situation and God moves us when he has a greater assignment for us.  She was sad and wasn’t hopeful, because she felt that she was “too old”, she was around 50 at the time.  I recall sharing that when you have the required skills and experience age does not matter.  

I am thrilled that she is now working and very happy.  I have been there and this is a part of my journey.  It doesn’t cost a thing to listen to someone, offer an encouraging word, and be kind.  I was literally tearing up a little as I spoke with her, because my heart was overjoyed with happiness for her.  

What Good Will You Do Today? Do it because it’s the right thing. You never know when or how you can make such a huge impact on someone else.

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